Loren’s Story

Loren is a determined student at SPC, studying to earn an Associate of Arts Degree. Loren’s decision to pursue her degree at SPC was spontaneous after she moved back to Minnesota from Baltimore, but has since unfolded into a pursuit of human service roles and playwriting.

Her college journey has been filled with challenges, one of the most memorable being the Logic class she passed through sheer determination. As a student worker in the Student Life’s Office, Loren contributed positively to the college environment, creating jean bags for Domestic Abuse Violence Month to spread positivity and awareness.

Loren credits her college therapist, Lisa, for her support throughout her college journey. Lisa’s help solidified Loren’s confidence, assisting her in overcoming personal issues and pushing her to extend her academic aims to earn her bachelor’s degree in English writing from Metro State by Spring 2025.

Loren’s life has been a testament to resilience: despite being born prematurely and grappling with a learning disability, she’s defying all odds and is set to graduate. Loren’s advice to incoming students is a strong declaration to never give up. Looking ahead, Loren hopes to continue doing what she loves: writing.