How to Transfer to Saint Paul College

Decide what program you would like to enroll in at Saint Paul College

Explore degree, diploma & certificate program information on our Web site at or visit our campus. If you are attempting to register for a course with a required prerequisite and have taken the required prerequisite at another institution and need permission to register, please fill out the Course Registration Permission Request Form.

Apply online to Saint Paul College

Fill out an application online.

Complete Assessment tests or submit an Online Assessment Waiver Request

Your assessments could be waived if you took the ACT exam or completed math, reading, English, or writing courses at another college. Please submit the Online Assessment Waiver Request Form to determine if you are exempt from taking all or portions of the assessment.

More assessment information is available online.

Send official transcripts to the Saint Paul College Records Office.

Request an official transcript from your previous institution(s). The official transcript MUST come in a sealed envelope addressed from your previous institution; it can be hand-delivered or mailed directly to our Records Office, Saint Paul College, 235 Marshall Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55102. If your institution has an electronic official transcript option, these can be emailed from the institution directly to

Apply for Financial Aid

Apply for Financial Aid and work closely with the Financial Aid Office if you’ve already received financial aid at another institution:

Register for classes and attend Orientation

You will receive an email with information about attending orientation as well as registration instructions.

International Credits

Saint Paul College does not evaluate international transcripts. If you have a transcript from a foreign country, you must have a third party transcript evaluator determine how the courses translate to U.S. courses. While we will accept evaluations from any AICE ( or NACES member (, we highly recommend Educational Credential Evaluators ( or World Education Services, Inc. ( Saint Paul College reserves the right to request additional information from you such as course descriptions, syllabi, etc. Pathway Advisors can look at a copy prior to evaluation if the transcript is in English to determine whether it is worthwhile to pursue the third party evaluation process (i.e., whether there are courses that are likely to transfer).

Allow 4-8 weeks for a transcript evaluation to be completed after you have been admitted to a major at Saint Paul College. Once your transcript has been evaluated, you will receive an email regarding applicable transfer credits. You can then view your Interactive Degree Audit to see the credits that have transferred. The Interactive Degree Audit is a tool to assist you in tracking your progress toward your degree. You can access it by following these steps:

  • Log into your eServices account at
  • Once logged in; on the menu at the left click on Grades and Transcripts, then Interactive Degree Audit
  • Now click on your program name and a new window will appear with your Interactive Degree Audit (be sure to allow pop-ups)

Transfer of Credit Policies

Transfer of credit and courses will be evaluated based on policies and procedures of Saint Paul College, as outlined in Saint Paul College’s catalog, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system policies and procedures and according to Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Institution Accreditation
Transfer of credit will be considered for college level coursework completed at accredited institutions:

  • Regionally Accredited: Degree-granting public, private, nonprofit and for-profit, two- and four-year institutions in the United States conferred by the Higher Learning Commission, (a Commission of North Central Association of Colleges and Schools) and/or parallel accrediting agencies in other regions of the United States.
  • Nationally Accredited: Specialized institutions, including distance learning providers and freestanding professional schools recognized by the Council of Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA) and the U.S. Department of Education (USDE). Coursework will be considered on a course-by-course basis through a petition process and will be judged to be comparable or equivalent to courses offered at Saint Paul College.

Transfer Course Evaluation
Courses approved for transfer must be comparable in nature, content, and level and match at least 75% of the content and goals of the course syllabus for which the student is seeking equivalent credit.

Transfer Course Evaluation
Courses will be reviewed and considered for transfer as follows:

General education coursework completed at Minnesota State Colleges and Universities that fulfills the Minnesota General Education Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) will transfer based on the assigned goal area at the sending institution.

  • General education coursework completed at the University of Minnesota or other institutions outside the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system will be considered for transfer as:
    • Equivalent to a Saint Paul College general education course and MnTC Goal Area
    • Not equivalent to a specific Saint Paul College course, but will fulfill a MnTC Goal Area
  • Coursework that is not general education will be considered for transfer as:
    • Equivalent to a specific course in a career program (within five years of course completion, if in a technical program)
    • Elective credit that does not apply toward general education or career course requirements (including technical courses over five years old)

Transfer Grades
All college level courses in which a student has received a grade of A, B, C, D or P/S will be considered for transfer evaluation. No D- or F grade courses will be accepted. Please note that while D grades will transfer, some programs require a grade of C or higher for all courses to fulfill requirements

Transfer Resources on the Web is a resource for students, academic advisors, and educators to locate information to guide in transfer planning – including transfer policies and procedures, articulation agreements, student services, and transfer contact information. Most information is specific to the University of Minnesota and the Minnesota State Colleges & Universities (MnSCU) System.

For more info go to 

Transfer Action Plan 
The Transfer Action Plan will help you explore the transfer process and navigate available resources.

Transferology is a nation-wide network designed to help you answer the question “Will my courses transfer?” You may enter coursework, exams, and/or military learning experiences, then discover in a single click how many schools in the network have matching courses that may be awarded when you transfer. Schools are ranked by the percentage of coursework they accept in transfer. However, you may focus the results with a number of handy filters and sorts, including how your courses transfer into a specific program at another college or university. Details of how those courses will count are available with another click or two, and you can inform schools of your interest in transferring by asking about specific programs, campus visits, and/or coursework that has not yet been evaluated by the school. For more info go to