Yah N Oo’s journey started in Thailand, with a detour in Texas when he was eight. After finishing high schooll, he packed up and moved to St Paul, drawn by family ties and the lakes during Minnesota’s summer.

When Yah first enrolled at Saint Paul College, he started in culinary arts. But a volleyball game on his very first day resulted in a torn ankle, and his life took an unexpected turn. Yah’s uncle massaged the pain in his ankle away. This sparked an immediate curiosity in Yah about the restorative powers of massage therapy.

Yah swapped his chef’s hat for a massage table, joining the Massage Therapy program. This decision marked the beginning of a passion he hasn’t wavered from.

Walking through the campus, Yah often observes his classmates deeply entrenched in their work. Their focused commitment, visible even from a distance, inspires him to continue honing his skills. Yah speaks highly of his instructor, who has shared countless tips and techniques. The hands-on practice sessions with classmates also offer an excellent learning opportunity while helping ease tension in their back, neck, and trapezoid muscles.

Yah stays fit and active by balancing a physically demanding job with his love for volleyball and basketball. He’s often found at the gym, ensuring he’s in top shape for his clients. When asked, “What’s so special about Saint Paul College?” Yah says it varies for everyone. He believes that the college’s strength lies in its rich assortment of over 100 programs, meeting the diverse needs of every student. His switch from cooking to massage therapy reflects this.

Currently interning at Massage Envy, Yah is eager to employ his skills, ready to relieve those in pain, wherever his career might take him!