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Student Records FAQ

Have questions about your Student Record?
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where can I find my unofficial transcript?

You can access your unofficial transcript in your eServices account in the left hand menu under Academic Records and Unofficial Transcripts. You will have an option to view, save, and/or print a pdf copy. If you need help with your StarID or password please visit:

If you haven’t attended Saint Paul College for over a year and/or never had a StarID, you will need to click on “Activate my StarID” at the link above and wait 24-48 hours for it to sync. You will then be able to login to eServices.

If you end up needing an official transcript please visit the Student Records webpage to request an official transcript.

2. Do I need to request/pay for an official transcript if I am transferring to another Minnesota State University or College?

No, once you have applied at another Minnesota State University or College they will be able to automatically access your Saint Paul College official transcript as long as there are no holds on your record. The University of Minnesota is not part of the Minnesota State University and College System, you will need to place a transcript order for the U of M.

If you previously attended any non-Minnesota State University or Colleges you will need to have the non-Minnesota State University or College send your official transcripts directly to your new school (Saint Paul College cannot forward transcripts from other colleges on your behalf).

3. How do I order an official transcript?

Official transcripts are ordered online through the National Student Clearinghouse. Make sure to spell out “Saint Paul College” when you are searching and not “St. Paul College”.

When ordering electronic transcripts, it is your responsibility to ensure the recipient has the ability to receive them. Ordering and downloading an electronic transcript to yourself makes the transcript unofficial. In most cases the “recipient” part of the form if the email address of the college or university that you are transferring to, for example could be the “recipient” if you are transferring to the University of Minnesota. Make sure to verify the “recipient” email address with your new college or university before ordering.

The transcript serves as the official record of student effort while enrolled at the College. All financial obligations to the College must be met before transcripts are released. Paper form requests are currently not available. Please utilize the online request option until further notice.

If you are transferring to a college or university within the Minnesota State system, they can access your official Saint Paul College transcript free of charge as long as there are no holds on your record. There is no need to submit a transcript request. Please see question #2 above for further detail.

4. How do I access my enrollment verification?

On the Student Records webpage under Quick Links select the link for Enrollment Verification Form. This will take you to a webpage where you must login with your StarID and password. Enrollment verifications are available after the 5th day of the semester in which you are requesting.

Third party agencies must go through the National Student Clearinghouse for enrollment verifications.

5. Where do I find my GPA and completion rate?

You can use your official or unofficial transcript to find your GPA and completion rate. First, use the instructions under question #1 above to locate your unofficial transcript in eServices. Your term GPA and cumulative GPA will be listed in the pdf. To calculate your completion rate you will need to divide your successfully completed credits by your attempted credits for a percentage.

Other helpful tools are the GPA calculator and the Satisfactory Academic Progress guidelines for all students to follow.

If you have any questions regarding your GPA or completion rate please schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

6. How do I know if my courses transferred in?

Please allow 4-8 weeks for a transcript evaluation to be completed after you have been admitted to a major at Saint Paul College. Once your transcript has been evaluated, you will receive an email regarding applicable transfer credits.

You can then view your Degree Audit to see the credits that have transferred. The Degree Audit is a tool to assist you in tracking your progress toward your degree. You can access your Degree Audit in eServices under Academic Records and then Degree Audit.

7. How do I transfer my credits to another college/university?

Ultimately you will need to send them an official transcript to transfer your credits. Please see question #2 above if you are transferring within the Minnesota State University and College System.

The most important thing you should know is that the receiving college or university decides which credits transfer and if those credits meet degree requirements. We recommend reaching out to your new college or university to ask about their transfer process. Free transfer tools like Transferology can help with finding course equivalencies.

8. How do I give someone access to my records?

Yes, you will need to fill out the Release of Information eForm found on the Student Records webpage under Quick Links. This form can also be found on the One Stop Forms webpage.

9. Do I have to apply to graduate even if I don’t plan on participating in the ceremony?

Yes! All students must apply for graduation, regardless of whether they plan to participate in the graduation ceremony. Submitting an application for graduation initiates the official review of your records, notation of your graduation to your transcripts, and ordering of your degree, diploma, and/or certificate.

If you plan to continue enrolling in classes at Saint Paul College make sure to fill out the Change of Major eForm to your new major.

10. As a current student, how can I change my major?

You will need to fill out the Change of Major eForm. Make sure to submit this eForm by the end of the first week of the semester to change your major for the current semester. You can submit at any time to change your major for a future semester.

11. Where can I find the majority of Student Records forms?

The majority can be found in the One Stop Forms section of this page.

12. How do I appeal my transfer of credit evaluation?

After the initial transfer evaluation is done, students may dispute their transfer decision through an appeal process. Complete the Transfer Course Evaluation Appeal form, all supporting documentation (syllabus, course descriptions and/or course outlines) and a typed letter explaining the rationale for your appeal.

13. I want to use military education benefits, what is my first step?

Legislation in Minnesota requires Minnesota State Colleges and Universities to review military academic transcripts and give appropriate credit based on the American Council on Education (ACE) recommendations. The transcript evaluator will review your military training based upon the American Council of Education standards for Military Programs and provide you a copy of your Degree Audit Report (DARS) indicating what was accepted in transfer.

14. I earned an FN or FW in one of my classes but I want to change this to a W, how do I do this?

As long as it is before the course’s withdrawal date as posted in the online course schedule, you can adjust an FN or FW grade to a W (Withdrawal) in your eServices account. After the withdrawal period is over you must submit a Tuition Appeal to request this.

15. Can you tell me if this course will transfer in before I register for it?

Transferology is a free transfer database students can use that displays course equivalencies. We would encourage you to look in Transferology first and if you have any further questions about the transfer process please schedule an appointment with your Advisor.

16. How do I get a syllabus?

You should always keep an electronic copy and a hard copy of your course syllabi as you are taking classes. If you have misplaced a copy and need another, please reach out to the instructor who taught your course and include your first/last name and the semester and year you took the course in your email to them. If you are not able to locate the syllabus, many schools will use the Course Outline to determine transferability.

17. How do I change my mailing address, personal email address, or phone numbers?

You can update your address, personal email address, and phone numbers in eServices under the left hand menu and then Account Management and Name and Address Info.

18. I just added a course to my schedule. When will it show up in my D2L?

Courses are not available in D2L until the course’s start date which can be found in the online course schedule. If you added the course after the start date please allow D2L at least 24 hours to sync.

19. I lost my original diploma, how to I order a replacement diploma?

There is a $20 fee for replacement diplomas, please contact for the required form. Diplomas are only mailed three times per year; February, July, and September.

20. I am a visiting student and the class I want to take has a prerequisite that I took at my home school. How do I register?

Fill out the online Course Permission Request Form and attach your unofficial transcripts as a pdf. You will receive an email response within three business days.