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Computer Programming

Computer Programming Associate of Applied Science Degree
Computer Programming

Program Overview

​The job of the applications programmer/coder is to (1) review job specifications for a given project and (2) plan, code, test, and document a solution which takes the available data input and produces the desired output in the form of a printed report or a screen display. 

The programming/coding language(s) used depends on the nature of the problem and the languages available to the programmer at his/her installation. Programmers/Coders need above average communications and math skills. Programmers/Coders also need to possess the qualities of patience, perseverance, and preciseness, and should enjoy working in a team environment and also be able to work independently. 

Students enrolled in the Computer Programming AAS Degree program have 3 focus areas, or emphases, available to them: 

  • Java Programming Emphasis - Students will focus on the use of the Java programming language for web development. 

  • Web-Based 2D Game Development Emphasis – Students will focus on 2D video game creation using HTML5, Javascript, and Animation software.

  • Web Development Emphasis – Students focus on the use of HTML5, client-side programming using AJAX and server-side programming for database development and technologies like JSP/Servlets and Ruby on Rails. ​

​Program Delivery Methods
Online, hybrid, tra​ditional in-class courses and hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs on Saint Paul College campus, St. Paul, MN​

Program Highlights

​Depending on the focus you select, you will learn varying programming languages and skills, including: 

  • ​Design and code production software applications – Using such languages as HTML5, Java, and Python 
  • Analyze complex organizational problems 
  • Develop design specifications to meet project needs and outcomes 
  • Use industry standard database management systems to support their applications 
  • Legacy programming/coding languages utilized in large mainframe settings​

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Program Details

  • Program Requirements

    Program Requirements Guides
    View the Program Requirement Guide to learn about Minimum Program Entry Requirements, Recommended Course Sequence and Program Outcomes:

    General Education/MnTC Requirements
    The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) is the general education curriculum for the Minnesota State system. Choose MnTC courses according to the requirements listed on your Program Requirements Guide. Refer to the MnTC course list for each Goal Area:

    Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC) list.pdf

    View all course descriptions

    ​ ​

  • Career Settings

    ​Programmers/Coders will find work in a number of settings such as Manufacturing, Government agencies, Education and all other private industry settings. Common job titles include: 

    • ​​Application Developer 
    • Applications Programmers 
    • Database or Systems Support Specialists 
    • Systems Analyst 
    • MIS Coordinators 
    • Programmer-Analysts​ 
  • Transfer Pathways

    Saint Paul College has transfer articulation agreements between the following program and post-secondary institutions for the baccalaureate degree programs listed below. 

    For more information please go to ​www.saintpaul.edu/Transfer.​

    Computer Programming AAS Degree

    • ​​BS Operations Management, Minnesota State University-Moorhead 
    • BS Information Technology, Saint Mary's University-Twin Cities Campus 
    • BS Computer Information Systems, College of St. Scholastica
    • BA Individualized Studies, Metropolitan State University​
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  • Additional Benefits

    • ​​Each focus area is also offered as a certificate program. Students can easily earn additional certificates to make themselves more marketable in the programming/coding industry. 
    • Educational programs emphasize training for industry certification. 
    • ​Jobs for computer programmers for all types of computer systems are found throughout the country with opportunities for good earning and rapid advancement.​

  • Program Advisor

  • Meet the Faculty

Career Information

Information provided by http://www.careerwise.minnstate.edu.

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