Computer Programming

Program Overview

Computer programming is one of the most valuable and essential skills you can learn in today’s digital age. By equipping yourself with coding abilities, you can create innovative projects. As a programmer, you can create anything from websites and mobile apps to complex software applications with the power of code. You have the ability to bring ideas to life and create something that can impact the world.



Median annual wage


New jobs each year for the next decade


Credits needed to complete degree


Rapidly growing job market.

The demand for skilled programmers is continuously increasing in today’s job market. As technology advances, the need for individuals with coding skills is expanding across various industries. With a degree in computer programming, you can have a promising career with high job security and numerous opportunities for growth and advancement.

Endless career possibilities.

Learning computer programming opens doors to endless career possibilities. You can work as a software engineer, web developer, mobile app developer, data analyst, or even a game designer. With the evolution of technology, new roles and job opportunities are constantly being created for those with coding skills.

High earning potential.

Due to the high demand for skilled programmers, the salary potential for computer programming professionals is also rising. With more experience and advanced skills, you can earn even higher salaries and secure a financially stable future.

Opportunities for creativity.

Computer programming involves using logic and problem-solving skills to create solutions. As a programmer, you can be creative and think outside the box while developing new products or improving existing ones. This allows for an exciting and fulfilling career where you can continuously learn and challenge yourself.

Collaboration opportunities.

Computer programming is not just about sitting behind a computer alone. It also involves working with teams to develop projects. By studying computer programming, you can learn how to collaborate effectively with others and bring diverse skill sets together to create something amazing.

Impact on society.

In today’s digitized world, almost everything we use and do is impacted by technology. As a computer programmer, you have the power to shape and influence society through the products you create. Whether it’s developing software that improves people’s lives or creating innovative solutions to global issues, your work as a programmer can significantly impact society.

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