Associate of Arts

Program Overview

Our comprehensive and flexible curriculum provides a broad foundation in various disciplines, from humanities and social sciences to natural sciences and mathematics. You’ll learn critical thinking, communication skills, and creativity – highly valued in today’s diverse job market. Our AA degree is structured for seamless transfer to four-year institutions, giving you a head start toward a bachelor’s degree.


A student in the common areas.

Students of color, making us one of the most diverse colleges in Minnesota


Students receive aid and scholarships


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Average student age


Personal and professional growth.

With a well-rounded education in various subjects, you’ll better understand the world around you and be better equipped to navigate it. Additionally, an AA degree can increase earning potential and open doors to higher-paying job opportunities.

Flexibility in career paths.

An AA degree provides a solid foundation for various careers and industries. Whether you’re interested in social work, business, or healthcare, an AA degree can be beneficial in helping you pursue your desired career path.

Higher job stability.

A diverse skill set and knowledge base are crucial in today’s ever-changing job market. An AA degree can provide you with a wide range of skills and knowledge, making you more employable and increasing job stability.

Transfer opportunities.

Many four-year institutions have transfer agreements in place with community colleges for students who have completed an AA degree. This means your credits are more likely to transfer, saving you time and money in the long run.

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