Chemistry Transfer Pathway

Program Overview

A degree in Chemistry is a great way to gain specialized knowledge in the fundamental principles of atomic structure, chemical reactions, and physical processes. With a Chemistry degree, you can unlock potential career paths in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and medicine to engineering and materials science. The knowledge gained through a Chemistry degree will open up opportunities for you to make meaningful contributions to society.


Photo of a student in the classroom.

Median annual wage


Job growth over next decade


Average student to instructor ratio

Photo of students learning in the chemistry lab.


Advanced instrumentation and facilities

Students receive hands-on training and experience on advanced instrumentation commonly used in industry. 

Small class sizes

Class sizes are limited to 24 students. Students receive individual attention from highly experienced faculty  

Classes transfer

Our chemistry classes transfer virtually anywhere. Students can complete their 4-year degree anywhere in the US. 

Growing job market

The Twin Cities are home to many large and small companies that employ chemists. 

Photo of students learning in the chemistry lab.
Photo of students learning in the chemistry lab.