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Computer Programming Associate of Applied Science Degree
Computer Programming AAS
10/28/2016 3:20 PM
  • ​​Each focus area is also offered as a certificate program. Students can easily earn additional certificates to make themselves more marketable in the programming/coding industry. 
  • Educational programs emphasize training for industry certification. 
  • ​Jobs for computer programmers for all types of computer systems are found throughout the country with opportunities for good earning and rapid advancement.​

​Programmers/Coders will find work in a number of settings such as Manufacturing, Government agencies, Education and all other private industry settings. Common job titles include: 

  • ​​Application Developer 
  • Applications Programmers 
  • Database or Systems Support Specialists 
  • Systems Analyst 
  • MIS Coordinators 
  • Programmer-Analysts​ 
Gainful Employment InfoJava Programming Certificate

​The job of the applications programmer/coder is to (1) review job specifications for a given project and (2) plan, code, test, and document a solution which takes the available data input and produces the desired output in the form of a printed report or a screen display. 

The programming/coding language(s) used depends on the nature of the problem and the languages available to the programmer at his/her installation. Programmers/Coders need above average communications and math skills. Programmers/Coders also need to possess the qualities of patience, perseverance, and preciseness, and should enjoy working in a team environment and also be able to work independently. 

Students enrolled in the Computer Programming AAS Degree program have 3 focus areas, or emphases, available to them: 

  • Java Programming Emphasis - Students will focus on the use of the Java programming language for web development. 

  • Web-Based 2D Game Development Emphasis – Students will focus on 2D video game creation using HTML5, Javascript, and Animation software.

  • Web Development Emphasis – Students focus on the use of HTML5, client-side programming using AJAX and server-side programming for database development and technologies like JSP/Servlets and Ruby on Rails. ​

​Program Delivery Methods
Online, hybrid, tra​ditional in-class courses and hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs on Saint Paul College campus, St. Paul, MN​

​ ​

Saint Paul College has transfer articulation agreements between the following program and post-secondary institutions for the baccalaureate degree programs listed below. 

For more information please go to ​​

Computer Programming AAS Degree

  • ​​BS Operations Management, Minnesota State University-Moorhead 
  • BS Information Technology, Saint Mary's University-Twin Cities Campus 
  • BS Computer Information Systems, College of St. Scholastica
  • BA Individualized Studies, Metropolitan State University​
Computer Programming

​Depending on the focus you select, you will learn varying programming languages and skills, including: 

  • ​Design and code production software applications – Using such languages as HTML5, Java, and Python 
  • Analyze complex organizational problems 
  • Develop design specifications to meet project needs and outcomes 
  • Use industry standard database management systems to support their applications 
  • Legacy programming/coding languages utilized in large mainframe settings​
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