Program Overview

Cybercecurity is a rapidly growing field that demands extensive knowledge to protect digital data and systems. By studying cybersecurity, you’ll gain an understanding of critical concepts such as risk assessment, malware prevention, and cybercrime deterrence. Additionally, having a background in cybersecurity can open up career paths in areas such as network security or forensics.

AAS, Certificate


Median annual salary for Information Security Analyst


Projected job growth in the next decade


New job openings a year for the next decade


A flexible career path.

A Cybersecurity degree allows for a flexible career path to work in many different fields of data security. You can focus on administration and management overseeing networks and technology teams or work in the high-demand field of as an Information Security Analyst.

A high-wage career that’s in high demand.

There is a high wage potential with a career as an Information Security Analyst. There is a constant demand for skilled computer professionals with a shortage of information technology specialists within the data security category. This creates excellent job security.

Hands-on with the latest tech.

We’ve created an environment for students to work with the latest technologies as they pursue their educational goals. There is a wide spectrum of technologies that we cover.