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Data Science Associate of Science Degree
Data Science ASData Science Certificate
8/9/2017 10:52 AM

​Warren Sheaffer​​​​

Students entering the Data Science Associate of Science (AS) Degree program and the Data Science Certificate will learn to collect, manage, interpret and analyze data in order to assist in making data-informed decisions for the benefit of a company or organization. 

​Data Science uses the techniques and theories from many different fields of study including mathematics, statistics, computer science, and information theory. Data scientists sort through great amounts of unstructured data such as emails, videos, social media, and other user-generated content and write algorithms to extract insights from the data. ​

Program Delivery Methods
Online, hybrid, traditional in-class courses and hands-on training in state-of-the-art labs on Saint Paul College campus, St. Paul, MN​​​​

​Saint Paul College has a transfer articulation agreement between the following program and post-secondary institution for the baccalaureate degree program listed below. 

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Data Science AS
BA Individualized Studies - Metropolitan State University
  • How to understand big data and the challenges of capturing, storing and retrieving massive data
  • How to understand the analytical and computational techniques used to analyze data for the purposes of providing meaning
  • Familiarity with the foundations, frameworks and applications of the emerging field of data science
  • How to apply databased an analytical approach to identify and solve problems

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