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Data Science

Program Overview

Data science is one of the most in-demand and rewarding fields of study available today. The rise of big data and the increasing prevalence of digital technologies have created a considerable demand for professionals skilled in interpreting, analyzing, and utilizing complex datasets. By studying data science, you can learn how to develop insights from data that help drive decision-making.

Certificate, AS

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Median annual wage


New jobs each year for the next decade


Credits to complete certificate


Hands-on Experience.

At Saint Paul College, you will be able to work with real-world datasets and learn how to use cutting-edge tools and techniques. Our data science program emphasizes hands-on learning, giving students practical skills to apply in their careers.

Interdisciplinary Approach.

Data science is a multidisciplinary field, drawing from statistics, computer science, mathematics, and other disciplines. At Saint Paul College, our data science program takes an interdisciplinary approach to provide students with a well-rounded education. This allows students to develop skills in various areas and become versatile professionals in the field.

High Demand for Data Scientists.

With the exponential growth of data across industries, there is a high demand for skilled data scientists who can make sense of this data and provide valuable insights. By studying data science at Saint Paul College, you will enter a field with excellent job prospects and opportunities.

Diverse Career Opportunities.

Data science skills are not limited to one industry or job role. Data scientists can find work in various fields such as healthcare, finance, marketing, government, and more. Saint Paul College’s data science program prepares students for diverse career opportunities, giving them the flexibility to pursue their interests and passions.

Photo of student on campus.