Economics Transfer Pathway

Program Overview

With a focus on critical thinking and quantitative skills, this program prepares you for various careers in fields like finance, business, government, and international relations. You’ll graduate with an understanding of economic theories, principles, and real-world applications. Moreover, our transfer pathway allows a smooth transition to four-year institutions, opening further opportunities for advanced economics studies or related careers.  


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Median annual wage


Job growth over the next decade


New jobs each year for the next decade


Program Distinction

Our microeconomics and macroeconomics courses fulfill the economic requirements for the Society of Actuaries Validation by Educational Experience.

Transfer opportunities

Economics students have a high degree of success in courses at Saint Paul College. Credits in the AA Pathway Program transfer to Minnesota State’s four-year universities. 

Learn real-world skills

You will learn analytical and problem-solving skills. You will gain an understanding of complex markets. These skills will help you succeed in your future academic and professional careers.  

Get ahead in business

Studying economics will help you understand macroeconomics regarding fiscal and monetary policy related to the business cycle. This understanding helps you take advantage of opportunities and mitigate risks as they inevitably arise during the business cycle.    

Make better decisions

In microeconomics, you will learn the principles behind rational decision-making for firms, organizations, and individuals. These principles will benefit you personally by making better decisions. In a work setting, they will help you advise others on maximizing an organization’s resources for a more impactful and profitable future. 

Limitless job opportunities

Your economics degree can lead to working in many exciting areas, including international trade, finance, the environment, public finance, and sports and labor economics. 

Photo of students on campus.
Photo of student on campus.