Program Overview

Learn the most up-to-date marketing techniques, strategies, and tools today’s top businesses use. You’ll discover all aspects of contemporary marketing, from digital marketing and social media strategies to consumer behavior analysis and market research. Our experienced instructors provide personalized instruction and mentorship, ensuring you understand the theory and have hands-on experience with real-world marketing projects. 


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Annual Median Salary


New jobs each year for the next decade


Credits to complete degree

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Customers needed

Every organization, including not-for-profits, needs customers to exist.  In the Marketing AAS program, you will learn how to attract and retain customers.    You’ll examine consumer behavior and learn how to identify target markets, develop marketing campaigns, and ultimately drive sales. 

Endless opportunities

Almost every job will have some part or component related to Marketing.  Even if your current job does not have Marketing, Sales, or Service in the title, this program will assist you in succeeding in your business career.  Understanding marketing principles and techniques will give you a competitive edge as you climb the corporate ladder. 

Helping people

Marketing is much more than just selling products or services. It’s about connecting with people and understanding their needs and desires. A career in marketing allows you to make a positive impact by helping businesses meet their customers’ needs while also creating value for the organization.

Develop relationships

Marketing is all about building and maintaining relationships. You’ll learn to communicate effectively with different audiences, including customers, stakeholders, and colleagues. Through various marketing projects and real-world experiences, you’ll develop the skills to establish strong connections and foster long-term partnerships essential for business success.

Photo of student on campus.
Photo of students on campus.