Medical Laboratory Technician

Program Overview

As a Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT), you’ll play a critical role in diagnosis and treatment by analyzing patient samples and producing accurate test results. You’ll use advanced laboratory equipment and have the opportunity to work in many different settings as part of the healthcare team. As an MLT, you’ll make a difference in patients’ health and lives.


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Of graduates find related jobs or pursue advanced degrees within one year of graduation


Of graduates find related jobs or pursue advanced degrees within one year of graduation


Growth rate expected for the next decade


Extensive hands-on student laboratory.

The Medical Laboratory Technician program includes a wholistic curriculum focusing on both theoretical knowledge and practical application. The student laboratory is equipped with essential laboratory equipment, advanced instrumentation, and a Laboratory Information System (LIS). 

Passionate about science, technology, and math.

Are you someone who is fascinated by the intricate workings of the human body or enjoys solving medical mysteries? This is a program for you. Medical Laboratory Technicians use their understanding of science and math to provide crucial information to help health care providers diagnose and treat patients.

Critical role in patient care.

Medical Laboratory professionals are essential members of the patient care team. They perform analyses on patient samples to provide diagnostic information. They strive for quality and accuracy with every test and work with other members of the healthcare team to provide exceptional patient care.

Arranged clinical experience with healthcare affiliates .

The final semester of the MLT Program consists of a clinical experience in a real healthcare setting arranged by program faculty. This experience reinforces all the skills learned and developed throughout the program. Completion of the program leaves you with skills needed for entry level employment and eligibility for national board certification.

Abundant career opportunities and career advancement potential.

A Medical Laboratory Technician degree provides opportunities for employment in a variety of settings including hospitals, clinics, public health laboratories, reference laboratories, and more. Advancement opportunities to Bachelor, Masters, and even Doctoral degrees are possible in this rapidly progressing field.