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Psychology Transfer Pathway

Program Overview

This comprehensive program offers an in-depth exploration of psychological theories, human behavior, and mental processes. You’ll build a strong foundation in psychology and develop essential skills such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and effective communication. The transfer pathway ensures a smooth transition to a four-year institution, providing a platform for further study or a career in counseling, social work, human resources, and more. 


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Psychology majors hold jobs in 88 out of a broad set of 129 occupational categories


Of SPC students recommend Psychology courses


Credits to Complete


Gain insight into yourself and others

Studying psychology will give you a deeper understanding of the many factors that influence human behavior and thought processes. This will help you better understand yourself and those around you. This insight is also valuable in many careers.

Wide range of career opportunities

Whether you are interested in a career in psychology or something else entirely, psychology develops many skills employers value, like critical thinking, communication, and other personal and social skills. A psychology degree can lead to many career fields, including health care, education, business, and beyond.

Make a difference in people’s lives

Many people who study psychology are motivated by their desire to help others. The psychology transfer pathway gives you knowledge and skills to help prepare you for entering the helping professions such as mental health, counseling, and social work.

Photo of a Saint Paul College student on campus.
Photo of students on campus.