Sheet Metal & HVAC

Program Overview

Studying Sheet Metal/HVAC is an excellent choice if you enjoy working with your hands and want to learn practical, high-demand skills. With a growing demand for energy-efficient buildings and an emphasis on environmental sustainability, Sheet Metal/HVAC professionals are needed now more than ever. Studying Sheet Metal/HVAC will allow you to enter a rewarding and lucrative career in this thriving industry. 

AAS, Diploma

Photograph of a student in Sheet Metal class.

Median annual wage


Projected Annual Job Openings


Work for Specialty trade contractors

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Hands-On Experience with Real-World Applications

We believe in learning by doing. Our state-of-the-art facilities offer hands-on training that mimics real-life scenarios, preparing you for the challenges and rewards of the industry. This practical approach enhances your learning experience and makes you a valuable asset to employers immediately.

Cutting-Edge Skills for a Booming Industry

The need for skilled sheet metal and HVAC professionals is soaring. Our comprehensive curriculum is designed to keep you ahead of the curve, ensuring you’re well-equipped with the latest techniques and technologies.

Transform Lives One Breath at a Time

Behind every efficient HVAC system, there’s an even more remarkable technician. Specialized HVAC technicians are the magicians who install, maintain, and repair these vital systems. By choosing this path, you’re not just picking a career; you’re stepping into a role that genuinely impacts people’s well-being, especially in critical settings like hospitals where clean air can make a life-changing difference.

Photograph of a student in Sheet Metal class.