Sport and Exercise Sciences

Program Overview

Are you passionate about physical activity, health, and wellness? In our sport and exercise program, you’ll learn about biomechanics, physiology, psychology, and nutrition. You can turn your passion for physical activity into a career that offers innovative solutions for improving human health. From developing cutting-edge techniques to increasing overall well-being, this field provides unique opportunities to impact the world.



Median annual salary


Job growth over the next decade


Credits needed for a certificate


State-of-the-art facilities.

Our sport and exercise science program has the latest technology to enhance your learning experience. You’ll have access to specialized equipment for analyzing human movement, measuring physiological responses, and assessing nutritional needs.

Expert faculty ready to support you.

At Saint Paul College, we are dedicated to providing our students with top-notch education. Our faculty members are experts in their fields with experience in the sport and exercise science industry. They are committed to helping you succeed and will provide hands-on training, mentoring, and support throughout your journey.

Networking opportunities to get you connected.

Our program offers various networking opportunities for students to connect with professionals in the field. You’ll have the chance to build valuable connections to help launch your career after graduation.

Hands-on real world learning.

At Saint Paul College, we believe in hands-on learning experiences. That’s why our program offers practical labs to give you real-world exposure. You’ll be able to work with clients and athletes, apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations, and develop essential skills for your future career.

Flexible career options.

With a sport and exercise science degree, you’ll have a wide range of career options. You can work as an athletic trainer, sports scientist, exercise physiologist, nutritionist, or strength and conditioning coach. Your career opportunities are endless with a degree in sport and exercise science.

Photo of student on campus.