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Saint Paul College A Community & Technical College

UMN Humphrey Fellowship Associate Campus Mentoring for Saint Paul

UMN Humphrey Group Picture
Program Information

The Associate Campus Mentoring Program is a partnership between Saint Paul College and the University of Minnesota Humphrey Fellowship Program to engage Fellows and Saint Paul College students in cultural exchange. This partnership will include a service learning project, goal setting, and help students build relationships and interact with established professionals from across the globe.

Program Cost

There is no fee for participating in the Program.

Program Benefits
  • Gain practical advice, encouragement, and support from an experienced professional.
  • Develop your social, academic, and professional confidence.
  • Understand Global Fluency (exposure to global perspectives).
  • Identify and set SMART goals (e.g. Increasing motivation, improve your time management skills and find an internship, read non-school related books or join an extracurricular group/student organization).
  • Expand your personal and professional networking.
  • Grow your communication skills, increase your experience with collaboration and network, and participate in a resume-enhancing project.

* Receive a $200.00 stipend upon completing mentoring program during spring semester!

Time Commitment (10-12 hours total) October-May
  • 1 hour of Mentee Orientation
  • 1 hour – establish joint goals with Mentor
  • 3 (virtual) one-on-one meetings with your Mentor
  • Service Learning project with your Mentor
  • 1.5 End or Program Presentation/Celebration

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