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​​​Leadership in Turbulent Times

A New Continuing Education Leadership Series for Managers in Minnesota

Across all industries, sizes and budgets, great organizations share one common denominator: exceptional people. No other asset can contribute more to your organization’s ability to build market share, foster innovation, or increase your bottom line. In short, your talent is your future.

This continuing education training for managers in St. Paul and greater Minnesota will build the skills you​r leaders need to be successful and allow you to tap into their full potential.

Leading in Turbulent Times – Leadership Series

Essentials of Leadership (Pre-Requisite Course)
This foundation course teaches leaders how to get results through people. Participants learn a set of essential communication skills to meet both practical business needs and people’s personal needs.

Coaching for Success
This course develops leaders who help people achieve goals and avoid problems. Participants learn a proven coaching process that ensures they identify coaching opportunities, provide needed coaching and support, observe performance, and measure results until the desired outcomes are achieved. Participants will also learn how coaching for success benefits individuals, strengthens work groups, and supports company objectives and priorities. 

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

Leading Change
This course focuses on leaders’ crucial role in effectively leading change. Leaders learn how to introduce a change and lead discussions to explore how best to implement the change. They also learn to help others overcome their resistance to change. These skills enhance a leader’s ability to minimize the potentially negative effects of change on morale, processes, and productivity.

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

Motivating Others
In Motivating Others, leaders learn how to proactively create an environment in which people are highly motivated to perform. Participants learn the three factors that affect the motivation of employees—focused work, interpersonal support, and individual value. They emerge with both a plan of specific actions and the skills needed to build group and individual motivation. 

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

Retaining Talent
This course helps leaders to conduct the types of ongoing discussions needed to ensure that the organization retains Key Players—regardless of whether these Key Players are satisfied and motivated or have one foot out the door. 

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

Accelerating Business Decisions
Accelerating Business Decisions helps leaders accelerate the decision-making process yet still make quality decisions in changing environments with limited time and information. They also learn when it is appropriate to use this approach and when to slow down the process and apply a more traditional approach. 

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

Boosting Business Results
This final course in the series teaches leaders a proactive, strategic process they can apply to leverage their leadership skills so that business objectives can be realized. Leaders identify a project or task that will require the effective use of newly learned leadership skills to achieve or enhance success. 

Pre-requisite: Essentials of Leadership.

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