Sociology Transfer Pathway 

Program Overview

Our program delves into the dynamics of social behavior, societal structures, and cultural diversity, providing students with a profound understanding of our world’s social forces. You’ll explore a range of theoretical perspectives, cultures, and global issues to broaden your worldview while developing critical thinking, research skills, and effective communication to prepare you for careers in social work, public policy, human resources, and more. The transfer pathway ensures a seamless transition to a four-year institution, offering further study and specialization opportunities. 


Photo of a Saint Paul College student on campus.

Credits to Complete


Students receive aid and scholarships


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Unlock the Mysteries of Humanity

Dive into sociology and embark on a fascinating journey to explore human behavior and society. Through the lens of societal dynamics, you’ll uncover the secrets behind the complexity and simplicity of human interactions.

Get Ready for Anything

Studying Sociology is like unlocking a toolkit for all kinds of jobs. You’ll learn to think like a detective, making intelligent and fair choices when things get tricky. Plus, whether you’re working in a team or on your own, you’ll become a pro at getting things done and making decisions by yourself.

Ride the Wave of Change

Society is like a giant puzzle that’s constantly moving and changing. Studying sociology is like getting a guidebook that helps you understand all these changes. It’s not just about figuring out what’s happening around us; it’s also about learning the best ways to adapt and deal with all the new things life throws our way.

Photo of a Saint Paul College student on campus.
Photo of a group of students in a classroom using the computers.